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Jana Amin

Egyptian-American Activist

Jana Amin is an Egyptian-American senior in High School. She has a passion for girls’ education and women in Islam. An avid speaker, Jana gave a TedX-Youth talk on changing the narrative around Muslim women and competes nationally on her school’s speech team. She works closely with The Collateral Repair Project, an NGO based in Jordan to support refugee women and girls. Recently, she hosted a virtual event, #17for17: Advocating for Girls' Education.

Her research focuses on the media representation of Muslim women; she curated an exhibit at the American University in Cairo titled “Princess Fawzia and the Duality of Egyptian Women”. She is currently interning at the Harvard Kennedy School. Jana is a member of the Youth Activism Project and one of the founders and podcasters on UnTextbooked. Jana enjoys competing on her school's squash varsity team as well as playing the harp.